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Is your Home Building Control compliant?

21st June 2017

Due to the increasingly unwavering attitude of Mortgage Lenders it is becoming vitally important that every property offered for sale is compliant with Building Control (Northern Ireland Building Regulations). Even in the instance of a buyer purchasing on a cash basis a survey will be requested by them or their Solicitor. In this instance the Surveyor will insist on any alteration carried out to the property will have been inspected and signed off by Building Control. Where no such paperwork is available this could lead to a delay in the sale or even the sale falling through.

At Lindsay Fyfe & Co. we use our vast experience in the industry to try to avoid such issues by making recommendations that any inspections required are carried out before the property is marketed. Sometimes this may require additional works be carried out by the owner of the property before the sale can proceed.

Very often we find that many of our clients were simply unaware of the need to involve Building Control in what may seem like the most mundane of alterations e.g. installation of natural gas central heating. They may have placed their trust in a Contractor to make sure that any work carried out has been done so in a professional and legal fashion. However the need for Building Control approval is very often overlooked in the haste to get the work completed.

Building Control is a function of Local Council, for the most past in our area Ards and North Down Borough Council. Whilst we enjoy a good working relationship with their officers we have found that they, like us, all too often are called in after the work is already completed, sometimes many years previously. This can lead to difficulties in their being able to issue a compliance certificate.

If you are thinking of moving home and are concerned that you have alterations or extensions at your home which may not have been approved Building Control may be able to help.

They can be contacted via their website:

For a list of FAQ’s which might give you an insight into the types of work that need to be inspected look here: