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Photography - Why your property needs the best

21st June 2017

Back in 1987 Lindsay and I had an idea, well to tell the truth we had lots of ideas, we were young(er)! But our BIG idea was to lease an old abandoned commercial unit, fit it out with property display stands, get all Estate Agents to pay us to advertise their properties and open it 7 days a week. A Property Superstore. So what did we do about it-nothing. Like many of our ideas it went by the wayside. But at least we had ideas.

Back then you had to get up early on a Saturday morning and drive around calling in to Agents offices and pick up an array of black and white brochures with one colour photograph. From these you had to decide whether the property was suitable for viewing. Most buyers were viewing 20-30 properties before finding the right one.

Fast forward to today and the Property Superstore has become…The Internet. Which only goes to show Lindsay and I invented the internet…:-)

How easy it is today to sit in your favourite armchair of an evening with a cup of tea by your side and your iPad (other tablets are available (probably)) on your lap and look for your new home. What a huge asset for us to be able to get our clients properties noticed by the right people.

However there is a warning with this technology. Photography. If it’s good it’s a great help, if not it can mean that buyers discard your property from their shortlist all too easily. A recent edition of Location, location, location had Kirstie Allsop bemoan the effect of the internet as her house hunters had discarded a property that she had found based on the photos on the agents website. Buyers shortlists are shorter today than ever. Of course the property was perfect and they eventually bought it.

We at Lindsay Fyfe & Co. saw this trend developing several years ago and we got to thinking. How do we make sure our clients properties get noticed on property portals like and The answer was simple and unlike our Property Superstore idea we executed our plan. We formed a relationship with, in our opinion, the best property photographer we could find.

The results are plain to see. On our site you will not find photos taken with mobile phones connected to dodgy selfie sticks or disposable cameras. You will see great photos that have been properly lit and perfectly staged; they may have been lightened or corrected for exposure but never Photoshopped. They are an accurate reflection of the property in the highest quality the websites allow.

If you are selling your property make sure the photography is the best you can get. Better still give us a ring. We “know a man who can”